Teak wood

teak wood

Categorized as hardwood, the Tectona grandis, as we called it teak wood, is the largest plantation in Indonesia. This wood gets it’s good reputable for it’s strenght, durability, water and weather resistant which make it suitable for your indoor or outdoor furniture.

Suar wood

Samanea saman, monkeypod, or rain tree grows abundantly in Indonesian forest. It’s a fast-growing tree, has a very wide canopy, and popular as a shade plant. As the different from teak, suar has unique colour layer contour. It’s often used to create indoor furniture.

Lychee wood

lychee wood

Often known from it’s fruit, lychee wood could be used to create furniture. It suitable for outdoor and indoor with it’s reddish brown wood tone. This hardwood is solid, water and rot resistance.