Alas Gembol Teak Root Furniture

Teak Root Furniture Manufacturer and Export Company

Main product material : teak, suar, lychee wood

Indonesian teak furniture has high demand in the market place for it’s high quality wood. This nation is also well known for the abundant source of teak wood. Located in Bantul, Yogyakarta, for more than 30 years, from a small factory to experienced export manufacturer, Alas Gembol dedicate its work to create perfect teakroottable (coffee table, console table, dining table and end table), root bench and chair, stool, rack, wall deco, planter, accessories, bowl, room divider, etc. As the main material, we specialized in teak root furniture. We also produce suar and lychee wood products. Our company has V Legal Wood from government. Our material is legally certified.

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Various Items of Teak Wood Products


Quality Control

To ensure quality control for a teak root table, inspect the wood for cracks, knots, and irregularities. Check for proper sanding and finishing, and ensure the table is stable and level. Verify that the craftsmanship meets your standards, and confirm that any joinery or connections are secure. Additionally, assess the overall aesthetic appeal and finish consistency. Regular quality checks during production and before shipping are crucial for a high-qualityteak root table .


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Teak Root Coffee Table
Ateak root coffee table is a unique and rustic furniture piece crafted from the roots of teak trees. Its natural, organic design often makes each table one-of-a-kind, showcasing the beauty of the wood’s grain and texture. If you’re considering one, make sure it complements your decor style and fits well in your living space.

Lychee Wood

lychee wood
Lychee Top Table

Lychee / Longan Table

A table crafted from lychee wood often features a beautiful combination of light and dark tones, with a pronounced grain pattern. Lychee wood is valued for its durability and can lend a touch of elegance to furniture, making it a unique and stylish choice for a table.

Suar Wood

suar wood top table
suar wood top table
A suar wood top table is known for its natural and distinctive grain patterns. Suar wood, also called monkeypod wood, is durable and often used to create unique, solid wood furniture. The tables can vary in size and design, showcasing the beauty of the suar wood. If you have specific questions or need assistance with something related to suar wood tables, feel free to ask!

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